Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's kidding, right? 

I can't believe Suaad Mohamud doesn't want to leave as fast as she can:
After waiting for so long, Ms. Mohamud feels like she's now being pushed out too quickly. She doesn't think she will be ready to leave until next week. Once her case has been cleared, she is determined to collect bail and repay her friends before she leaves.
“I have to get that money back,” she said. “They just leave me here for three months and now they come rushing like go, go, go. I have lot of things to take care of.”
Oh, yeah, I'm sure. Maybe this is just the kind of mixed-up blabber that people say sometimes, or that journalists say they say. But it doesn't make sense that she would want to stay in Kenya until they refund the bail money.
This story is getting stranger by the day.

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