Thursday, August 13, 2009

Secret stories 

In comments to my previous post, Dr. Dawg points out that he doesn't believe the comforting little story that Paul Dewar was told about how Suaad Mohamud was really a liar and her problems in Kenya were actually all her own fault.
It sure served its purpose, didn't it?
It shut up everyone in official Ottawa for months. Even now, only Ontario premier McGinty and MP Joe Volpe have come forward.
After Chretien's experience with the Khadrs, no politician wants to go to bat anymore for someone who, embarrassingly, might turn out to be unworthy.
But funny how this is sounding more and more like what happened initially to Mahar Arar -- a "secret" story being passed around official Ottawa that the aggrieved citizen was actually really guilty as charged but of course we can't actually tell this to the media or the Canadian people because they might sue or something, but just trust us, would we lie to you?
UPDATE: And Dan MacTeague.

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