Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Conservative mottto: Shut the f**k up 

"Positioning" is the newest buzzword for organizations who want to declare to the world what they do best.
For the Harper government, "shut the f**k up" is their perfect positioning statement.
Not only does it describe exactly what the Conservative caucus and cabinet ministers and research scientists and civil servants are told to do every day by Stephen Harper and the PMO, it is captures the exact approach taken by the Conservative government to every problem it encounters, from meat inspections and environmental regulations and programs like the court challenges program, to Omar Khadr and Michaelle Jean and Richard Corbin.
And heaven help anyone who complains -- as Dawg points out, the punishment is fast and furious:
Eleven women's groups have had their funding terminated by the Harper regime in the past two weeks alone . . . "Hidden agenda?" Harper's hateful agenda has never been hidden. Whether it's gay pride, church charities deemed too critical of Israel, women's programs or equity-seeking advocacy groups, the on-going purge by the Conservatives began almost as soon as Harper came to power in 2006. It's been all bully, smear and punish ever since.

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