Monday, May 10, 2010

Fireams registry success stories 

Here's the reply for anyone who claims the firearms registry hasn't helped police -- Truths & Myths - Community and Police Officer Safety
. . . Shortly after fleeing on foot, local police apprehended him and found he was carrying a Glock pistol and loaded spare magazines. CFRO checks indicated he was a licensed owner of 31 registered, non-restricted, and restricted firearms, which were subsequently seized, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition.

. . . a suspect was stopped with four long guns in his vehicle. The suspect was evasive when questioned, leading investigators to believe the firearms had been stolen. NWEST conducted CFRO checks on the recovered firearms. They determined all four were registered to a local resident, not the person in possession. . . . . Subsequent investigation resulted in the recovery of the remaining 12 long guns from the suspect.

Police received a call from family members requesting attendance at the family residence to take the father's firearms away, as he was very depressed and despondent. Before the officers left with a quantity of long guns, they queried CFRO and determined there were 21 more firearms registered to the father, that no family members were aware of. The officers remained on site until they obtained a search warrant, proceeded with the search, and found the additional 21 firearms hidden in various parts of the house, along with 45,000 rounds of ammunition.
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