Monday, May 03, 2010

Wedging against the Bloc 

I got an interesting phone call Sunday afternoon from Harris-Decima research.
Along with questions about whether I buy store-brand vegetables, there were two questions about the Afghan prisoner/Parliamentary privledge issue.
The first was a scenario I have already heard about, whether I would support MPs signing a confidentiality oath to see the prisoner documents. (And actually, no I wouldn't.)
But the second was interesting -- whether I would support an election being called because the Bloc Quebecois should not be permitted to sign a confidentiality oath and therefore should not be permitted to see the documents.
Hmmm. A whole new approach, I thought -- dividing Canada into the "loyal" and "disloyal" Canadians, and setting up the scenario that because the Bloc are, by their very nature, disloyal, the Cons must Keep Canada Safe by refusing to show these traitors the documents.
Of course, I'm not sure whether these questions were sponsored by the Conservatives or the Liberals or the NDP, but I know who I suspect.
And let's see which party starts to promote an anti-Bloc scenario.

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