Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dziekanski Lesson

Well, I guess we can conclude that the police have learned their lesson from the Dziekanski death.
And the lesson is, don't let yourself be photographed.
My friends in Toronto almost got arrested today.
They stopped to watch police arrest a teenage protester, and then they didn't "move along" fast enough to suit the police -- actually, they were talking to me on the phone at the time. So the police demanded to see the memory cards on their cameras. When one of my friends objected, the plastic cuffs came out.
To make things worse, they found my friends' arms were marked with a lawyer's phone number! And one of them had a bandana in her knapsack! That was almost enough to convince them that these were secret Black Bloc terrorist scum in disguise.
In the end, my friends were able feign docility and politeness long enough to listen to a lecture on the foolishness of being a protester, and then the police let them go -- but not before wiping the memory cards on their cameras.
The Dziekanski lesson has been learned: it doesn't actually matter how you treat the people you are arresting, as long as there is no photographic record of it.

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