Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kentucky Vice

Does everybody else like the new show Justified as much as we do?
It reminds me of The Sopranos in its unexpectedness -- its filled with stock characters that we've all seen in police procedurals a thousand times before, but just when you think its going to get all trite and homespun and cliched, it turns around on you -- our hero lead character mouths off in a bar and gets beaten up. The stone killer who has maybe reformed, or has he, blows someone up by accident, or was it? The jerk prosecutor maybe had a heart of gold, or does he? The slut girlfriend might be moving on, or is she?
The Globe article about this show says it could be called "Kentucky Vice" It's all based on an Elmore Leonard short story, and the series maintains a true Leonard voice -- Canadian producer Graham Yost (grandson of Elwy Yost) handed out bracelets to the scripwriters marked WWED, or What Would Elmore Do? And its great theme has got everyone interested in a whole different kind of music, too -- bluegrass rap.

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