Friday, September 03, 2010

G20 agendas

In response to an Ottawa Sun editorial about the hundreds of unnecessary arrests at the G20 protests, Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union president Dave Coles writes a letter to the editor
I was there and tried to help diffuse the tension caused by police behaving violently but, of course, there were other agendas at play -- like trying to justify the $2-billion security price tag. And like arresting journalists to try to prevent them from doing their jobs, which would expose that fact.
The Toronto police are finally admitting that mistakes were made -- even though they are now blaming the Queen and Spadina ketteling on a mysterious group of 60 Black Bloc anarchists that nobody ever mentioned before, who were apparently "armed" and were "apprehended heading to the area."
So I guess it was all the Black Bloc's fault again! Quel suprise!
And one more observation -- remember how the Iraq War cheerleaders tried to deflect blame for the Iraq War by proclaiming it was actually the Democrats fault for not stopping it, rather than Bush's fault for starting it? Well, now we're starting to hear about how the police riot at the G20 was really all the Liberal's fault for not objecting to it.

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