Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jane Hamsher is at it again

She just cannot stand that uppity, disrespectful Obama -- how dare he make a joke about something FireDogLake thinks is important!
As a commenter pointed out:
...on the day that FDL gets its most fervent wish that it has been bitching & moaning about for months and Elizabeth Warren is named a presidential adviser and head of the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection…Jane chooses to post about a perceived slight in a lighthearted speech by the president. It’s almost like the mission here is nurturing grievances rather than acknowledging that something that progressives wanted done by the administration, you know, GOT DONE. It’s almost like nothing that Obama does will ever be good enough for the former Hillary/Edwards/Dean/Kucinich/Nader/Any Given Backup Quarterback supporters around here who worked sooooo hard to elect Obama (ahem) because there will always be a movable goalpost to whine over or a bit of perceived disrespect to get all huffy about. Oh wait…that was the President’s point in the first place.
Oh, and how's that crusade to get Rahm Emmanuel fired working out for you and Grover?

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