Thursday, November 01, 2012

Asymmetric despair 

"Asymmetric warfare" is guerilla war between weak and strong.
The terrible Ashley Smith video is asymmetric despair -- she was so weak, and her captors so strong. Maybe the only way to express her despair was to abuse her own body, to disassociate from herself.
No wonder Corrections Canada didn't want us to see this child's pathetic, doomed fight against riot-geared guards and cold-hearted medical staff. Dr. Dawg writes:
Something is rotten and festering in Canada’s prison system. God knows how many other young people are presently being brutalized and driven to suicide by incompetence and cruelty as I write this.
“Don’t let them get away with it,” said Julian Falconer, the Smith family’s lawyer, to the coroner. Amen to that.

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