Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Told ya so! 

Remember last winter, when everyone freaked out on the Harper Cons about whether same-sex non-Canadian couples were really married, and Harper blamed the Liberals?
And I said at the time that the Harper Cons would never actually change any law to support same-sex marriage?
I am done with giving the Harper Cons the benefit of the doubt. I'll believe they'll actually amend the residency requirements law only when I see them bring it to the Commons and whip their caucus to support it.
Well, told ya so:
The bill ... was supposed to clarify the Civil Marriage Act to ensure thousands of gay couples from abroad who marry in Canada have their unions recognized and can get divorced under Canadian law, it has gone exactly nowhere since it was introduced in Parliament on February 17.
Ten months later the question is: why?
This time, they're blaming the NDP.
Amazing, isn't it, how much power the opposition parties have in a Harper government.  Makes me wonder what are they complaining about?
And here's what else I said last January:
And if they actually do bring in a piece of legislation to which their base is profoundly opposed, just because its the right thing for a government to do, maybe it would be a sign that the Harper Cons are starting to think of themselves as a government instead of a party.
No risk of that any time soon.

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