Sunday, March 24, 2013

Great line of the day 

d r i f t g l a s s writes about the buildup in the United States to the Iraq War, and flags one aspect I had not understood or appreciated before -- how many in the media and the Washington beltway used the war fever as an excuse to bash the leftists who opposed it:
When the crisis came, many good people were misled by war criminals who lied and lied and lied and turned those good people's sense of duty and their faith in their civic institutions against them. And from my vantage point as a deeply flawed and failed human being, the good people who were defrauded and terrorized into making a mistake do not require anyone's forgiveness.
But when that crisis came and they were given complete freedom of movement, professional Conservative public intellectuals took that opportunity to whip out a gun, leap up on the table and use their privileged positions in the public square to threaten to waste any Hippie who opened his fucking pie-hole.

And that I cannot forgive.
Words we need to remember here in Canada, as the Harper Cons lead the bashing of Trudeau and Mulcair and anyone else who opposes their "action plan" BS.

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