Friday, March 29, 2013

Harper uses Chinese pandas to avoid Canadian people 

Bob Rae on the TV last week, with a throwaway line to the press who asked him about the group of dissident Con MPs:
If they wore panda suits, maybe the Prime Minister would pay attention to them.
And Edstock at the Beaver gives us this great poster:

Again it was embarrassing to see how blatantly Harper and his handlers used the pandas to avoid meeting the Aboriginal walkers.  This CBC story describes the disgust which greeted Harper's cowardly decision.  A St. John's Telegram editorial says:
But take it out of the realm of politics and into the world of simple politeness — a group of young Canadians, aged 18 to 21, walked 1,600 kilometres through a Canadian winter to bring a message to Ottawa.
The least the prime minister could have done is put their effort on par with a photo-op with a pair of pandas.
Thousands of Canadians turned out to meet with the walkers when they arrived in Ottawa:

More Aboriginal walkers are on their way to Ottawa.

UPDATE:  Just found this Gable cartoon, too:
  (Brian Gable/The Globe and Mail)

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