Sunday, January 05, 2014

C-c-c-christ, its c-c-c-cold

It's 33 below here tonight -- with the windchill, its almost 50 below.
CTV reports that they're expecting another snowstorm in Ontario, and there are still widespread power outages tonight in Newfoundland.
A recent article in Salon explains the link between extreme weather and global warming:
. . . the temperature gap between the Arctic and the rest of the hemisphere gives rise to a band of steady winds called the jet stream that governs weather patterns across the region.
Your location relative to the jet stream “says everything about the weather conditions that you’re experiencing,” Francis said.
As the Arctic warms, the temperature gap between north and south narrows. Francis’ research suggests this causes jet stream winds to slow down, and the path of the jet stream to meander.
That prompts weather in America and elsewhere to change less quickly. It becomes hung up, essentially, in extreme loops that can lead to unusually long periods of heat or cold, rain or drought.
Boy, that's for sure. And are we ever tired of the cold here this year.

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