Saturday, January 25, 2014

Most offensive hashtag ever

I thought the negative reaction to Neil Young's Honour the Treaties tour was way, way over-the-top so I'm not surprised it has circled around to bite his critics in the ass.

Jim Parrett at Let Freedom Reign II points out the most offensive hashtag ever invented when he post about Ethical Oil calls Neil Young 'IndianIgnorant'. Jim explains the group

created the racist hashtag #IndianIgnorant for Neil Young. Then they deleted it when they realized their own racism. This is what we're up against.
At The Albatross, Ishmael Daro asks

Is #IndianIgnorant supposed to be a comment about Neil Young being ignorant about issues facing First Nations in Canada, as a charitable reading might suggest? Or were they calling aboriginal opponents of the oilsands “ignorant Indians”?
Supposedly the former, I guess, according to the group.  But actually, its like Dawg says:

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