Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things I hate*

Well, Saskboy, I tried.
Saskboy had a post about my town of Saskatoon, so of course I tried to leave a comment. Then his website wouldn't accept my login or maybe I didn't have an account or maybe I wasn't using the right password for that particular account or something, I don't know...
So, after three attempts, I gave up -- it wasn't that important a comment anyway, so sorry, Saskboy!
There are a number of great websites I can never comment on because of problems like this -- POGGE is another one that I have tried and failed several times to comment on, often enough that I don't even try anymore.
I guess it's all the fault of spam, isn't it. In the good old days, we were all just one big happy family and everyone could just comment anywhere we liked. And then too many spammers started leaving irrelevant sales pitches in comments sections of blogs, and the blogs fought back by requiring log-ins, and mystery word squiggles, and so much for "community" ....

*First in what I expect will be a series, considering how crotchety I am getting.

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