Thursday, October 31, 2019

California fires 

The LA Times fire coverage is free today. Very scary fires all over the state.
Here are some stunning tweets from the California fires:

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California and other places need to have a long look at how they created urban sprawl and how it helped create these fires. We need to understand we can not move into areas we haven't in the past and then be 'surprised' when there are forest fires which move into residential areas. They need to re think urban planning.

A very interesting photo shoot in a "coastal" magazine had pictures of a beautiful home, patio, with greeery, but behind that were the hills of L.A. and it was all dead, dried up. That needs to be removed and/or they need to do controlled burns.

Just the amount of smoke going up from these forest fires is not doing the environment any good.

By Anonymous e.a.f., at 1:54 pm  

Yes, I think our "best practices" are going to have to change a lot over the next 10 years to account for climate change. Interesting that having goats clear the hills beside the Reagan Library is what saved it from the fire, at least so far.

By Blogger Cathie from Canada, at 10:32 pm  

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