Friday, October 01, 2021

Today's news: So maybe next year our TRC Day will actually be about Truth & Reconciliation?

Does anyone else find it rather odd that the Trudeau in Tofino story is now on its second day? Ridiculous. 
But the pearl-clutching sure did help Canadian media find an easy story hook for their TRC Day coverage  -- otherwise, hey, they might have had to talk to some Indigenous leaders and do some research and think about truth and reconciliation, and maybe, you know, even write news stories about all that uncomfortable stuff.  But then Trudeau flew to Tofino and the media butterflies fluttered - or should I say, flitted - right after him and this solved all their TRC Day news problems. 
Maybe by TRC Day 2022 we will actually focus on truth and reconciliation itself -- though I'm not holding my breath.   There are many other important things that Canadians to talk about: Go Jays! Here's the Blue Jays logo done by an Indigenous artist Kory Parkin who has other wonderful artworks as well.


Anonymous said...

What with you and Montreal Simon defending the man at every drop of the hat, I'm surprised Trudeau hasn't grown angel wings and fluttered above us all offering universal benediction. He is truly a man above men, what? Even informed us right after the election that he had heard us all and was off back to Ottawa to slay Covid. Had that been that a direct campaign promise? Don't think so. I expect any leader to do their best in the pandemic as a given, not as a special favour from a man without a majority, with a full two-thirds of voters not choosing Liberal.

Trudeau with his trip to the Aga Khan's private isle was one aspect of his not getting the norms of regular society, by not showing off his elite status. Then we were treated to the sight of he and the fambly wandering around in India like backwoods rubes clad in Indian ceremonial dress trying not to look like said rubes -- his idea of "catering" to his hosts looked like a sort of rural do-gooder's idea of paying respect, and was in agonizingly poor taste. Cringeworthy to me. Out of touch. Now this time, it's been jet off to Tofino for a spot of R&R on the very first Reconciliation Day. The common factor seems to have been his lovely wife's presence. We know she can't sing either. Does the Queen wear local garb on a State visit? You must be joking, of course not. There is official etiquette to be followed.

If Trudeau had the faintest tinge of common sense, he'd have made a surprise appearance at a local Vancouver Island's First Nation's ceremony on Thursday. That would have engendered applause all around. But no, a false story about his being in Ottawa was the initial official story put around, until he was caught out. Lord love a duck, the man is a fool with a glass chin, and totally unaware of it to boot.

So I'm left as a progressive wondering about the brainpower of all you Trudeau supporters who praise and defend him no matter what dumbass thing he does. Critical faculties have apparently passed you by in the rush to spout idolatrous praise and defence of the indefensible. Scrambled egg for brains is my conclusion. I spent 74 years on this planet only to witness the political equivalent of E-talk celeb gushing by supposed adults? Say it ain't so.


Cathie from Canada said...

Pardon me for thinking that its not dumb for Trudeau to walk on a beach with his daughter instead of pandering to the press.
They have this attitude that he must be hiding something from them and they're determined to find out what it is. I suspect its that he neither likes them personally nor respects their work. And every now and then, he doesn't hide that very well.