Saturday, October 09, 2021

Why we need to hear The Story Of January 6

Here in a nutshell is The Story Of January 6 -- an impressive summary by Huff Post White House correspondent S.V. Date describing what happened in the Trump Insurrection:

This is what Americans need to be told about, every day, every speech, from Biden, Harris, Garland, Pelosi, Schumer, Psaki, AOC, Warren, and everyone else who wants Americans to understand and remember what happened. 
Yes, I know there are hundreds of charges underway around the country, and yes, I know there's a commission finally working on it. And yes, I know there are a few books coming out, and news stories written often about this or that picayune event or mystifying investigation. 
But Americans aren't going to put it all together by themselves. They need to hear The Story in every speech that is given by Democrats. 
Particularly now, as Trump starts up his rallies again, and gets coverage from media across the country as though he was just a normal person who is going to run for president in 2024. 
Instead, this is the kind of shit Americans are now hearing: I believe Americans have heard more in the last 9 months about the Biden dogs than they heard about the Trump insurrection. 
Now, I agree that Major and Champ were Very Good Dogs, and its sad that Champ has died and that Major isn't as well trained as he should be. 
But what Americans really need to hear about is how close they came to losing their republic.

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