Monday, July 17, 2023

Sock it to me!

Trudeau gets hammered day after day, across Canada, for everything from Port of Vancouver trucker policies (which were actually introduced by Harper) to Lac-MΓ©gantic land expropriation
But he keeps on just being Trudeau, wearing his funny socks. 
Maybe that's what drives some people nuts -- that their hatred doesn't faze him.
Here is the latest -- a video of Trudeau sitting with some guy in Calgary, patiently explaining the complexity of federal-provincial education jurisdiction, right-wing conspiracy theories, and the importance of supporting LBGT rights while respecting Muslim parents: 
 "Its not a buffet...we will stand up for everybody's rights." 
This is a clip of what Trudeau said -- just ignore the right wing media commentary:
Now Fox News is "on it!" so we'll be hearing more about this I think: Looking at the broader picture, a perceptive comment from Dale Smith sparked an interesting online discussion: Some comments: To follow the NATO meetings in Lithuania, the Wall Street Journal decided to run an uncredited op ed calling Canada a "free rider" because our defense spending is 1.3 per cent of our GNP instead of 2 per cent -- I guess they think living in a nation which spends billions on defense entitles them to criticize the priorities of other nations. 
It was noted by commentators that Canada's defense spending under Trudeau is higher now than it was under Harper, but the metric itself is a stupid one. Dale Smith calls the WSJ story a Misguided "Free-Rider" Complaint:
...where the paper seems to fall into that same basic trap of not understanding how NATO works, which is that it requires participation from countries, and we participate. We may not spend to the same percentage, but several high-spending countries don’t actually participate, and because the two percent target is a really stupid metric, it ignores that the denominator is far higher in Canada than in a lot of these higher-percentage countries. Could our spending be better? Yes. Is our procurement system completely screwed? Yes. Have we been something of a free-rider in continental defence because we know the Americans will be there regardless? That’s fair. But trying to assert that it’s because we’re too “woke” is just puerile.
Oh, and about their seeming to prefer Poland, who is sliding into illiberalism and who has a major problem with homophobia, there was this gem on the wire yesterday about how that government broke EU law by suspending a judge who for criticising the government. Yeah, that’s totally who should be replacing Canada at the G7 and in a leadership position in NATO. Well done, WSJ. Slow clap.
Meanwhile, back in Canada, the CPC rage-farming continues : Don't make the mistake of attributing any good faith or sincerity to what the CPC is doing here. 
There is a pattern emerging now with issues as disparate as Straight Pride bird-whistles, Chinese election interference, Muslim education LBGT panic, etc -- its a CPC divide and conquer strategy. 
The CPC knows that Liberal support for equality and equal rights is one of the major attractions for the dispora vote, the Asian vote, the Muslim vote, the LGBT vote, the women's vote, and the Indigenous vote. Now Poilievre and the CPC are determined to reduce that voter support, not by changing any of their own party policies or practices, but by creating and exploiting divisions in Canadian society.


Cap said...

Why should the CPC change their strategy when it's worked so well for them until now? What's that, 3 elections they've lost? But hey, they never have to come up with any original ideas for improving the country. Which is important, because according to a poll you published a while back, a quarter of Cons aren't proud to be Canadian. Oh, and they is something else the Libs could be doing about inflation, but a crackdown on corporate tax avoidance and a tax on windfall profits isn't something the Cons are going to suggest.

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks, Cap. The Cons don't seem to have original ideas about anything these days.