Friday, July 07, 2023

Weekend funny stuff: from Monty Python to Mary Simon; and dogs of course

First, I haven't seen one of these funny twisted Threads for a long time -- its when someone asks a "question" on twitter and everyone replies with the wrong answers: A bunch of people took her seriously at first -- of course, she's talking about the Argument Clinic in Monty Python - but then everyone caught on and started posting this kind of stuff: Can't finish without posting the real sketch:  

Next, here's a fascinating thread about our Governor General Mary Simon: And just a reminder of the beautiful and culturally significant dress Simon wore to King Charles' Coronation in May: Here's another great thread from Craig Baird: Next, the replies to this tweet are priceless: This is great So sweet! Of all the dogs we have had over the years, only one has been terrified of fireworks and thunder, but it was always awful when Ebony would be so upset and quivering and trying to dig her way under the rug to get away from the noise and there was nothing we could do to comfort her. We talked to our vet and got some diazapam that would calm her down - not perfect because it took several hours to work, so from June to September we followed the weather forecasts and set alerts on our phones for thunderstorms, plus we tried to keep up with the news about fireworks displays. Actually, we ended up giving diazapam to both our dogs -- our younger dog Molly started getting anxious and upset in sympathy to Ebony. This spring, for the first time in years, we haven't had to worry about weather because Ebony is now getting older and she is deaf so she doesn't hear the noise anymore. We're so glad she doesn't have to go through this anymore. 

 Here's some funny stuff:


Cap said...

Fireworks really aren't good for dogs, wildlife or young children. Not only does the noise frighten them, they also eat the cardboard tubes with gunpowder residue that fall all over the place. Then, you have the idiots that shoot fireworks at each other, and the teens that set off Roman candles on packed public transit busses. It's a wonder private fireworks haven't been banned yet.

Cathie from Canada said...

I remember seeing a July 4 video shot from the hills around Los Angeles, panning across the city, and there were dozens of fireworks displays going off, all over the place. It was quite a sight.

They'll never shut it down, I don't think.