Saturday, July 22, 2023

Today's News: Grievances on parade

In a post about Poilieve's Shack of Seclusion, Evan Scrimshaw writes about why some people seem to absolutely HATE! Trudeau:
...It’s a movement of people who have been radicalized for various reasons – the importation of American culture wars, the general fact that the right has been losing the war for hearts and mind in recent decades, and COVID, which was a deeply traumatic event for a lot of people. We’ve never reckoned with the damage done, and even if you think draconian measures were required, there was a price for it. And it’s a movement that Poilievre has gone to great lengths to endure himself to.
It's an angry movement because for a lot of people, the world makes less sense now than it ever has before....
Poilievre has positioned himself as the leader of this movement, a movement that has overinflated the responsibility that the Prime Minister has on this country and therefore has pinned all their grievances, real or imagined, on him. It’s a movement that’s diffuse on specific grievances but united on their contempt for the one man...
More of that grievance was on display when Trudeau made a brief stop in Belleville, Ontario this week: Here's the clip that Jackman was referring to: The anti-Trudeau hate is going to backfire on them, isn't it: I thought this was an interesting observation too -- David Coletto at Abacus Data says what Canadians are really looking for now is a sense of security. 
In his substack Will "security" be what voters seek in the next federal election? he says the idea that Canadians are looking for change is an over-simplification. What we want is less chaos and more reassurance:
...As political discourse evolves, the concept of "security" is increasingly influencing Canadian politics.
..."Security" encompasses more than just physical safety—it's becoming an ideological umbrella covering financial stability, job security, and healthcare accessibility, among others.
I think the concept resonates with voters on a profound, personal level as they grapple with uncertain times marked by economic upheaval and global crises - think Permacrisis!
After battling the Covid-19 pandemic, witnessing the invasion of Ukraine, wildfires caused by extreme heat and droughts, and facing stubborn inflation and surging mortgage rates, people are seeking a "safety blanket" for their future.
The focus on security also carries a sense of empowerment. It allows individuals greater agency in discussions about their financial and personal well-being without invoking the condescending overtones of phrases like "poverty," "inequality," and "fairness."
Certainly, the Liberal government's "we have your back" messaging during and post-pandemic falls squarely within this concept of security....
The public mood is one looking for change but afraid of too much change.
That’s leaving the door open for the Liberals, and is a liability for the Conservatives.
Voters are looking for security, safety, and predictability. The party and leader that best projects that while also acknowledging that folks want some change- change from permacrisis and anxiety - will win the next election.
I don't think Poilievre's hysterical and anxious "crisis!" rage farming is going to reassure anybody.


rumleyfips said...

There were people there who really wanted to meet Trudeau and they were pushed shoved and abused by Pierre's protesting pissants. The reformatories couldn't have made Trudeau look better if they tried.

The security detail kept the knuckledraggers at bay while showing remarkable restraint.

Cap said...

When the Cons send people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing hate. They’re bringing antisemitism. They’re electoral frauds. And some, I assume, are good people.

Cathie from Canada said...

I believe that the Short Pants Boys in the CPC offices think if they can send the Flying Monkeys after Trudeau all the time, his security service will stop him from doing the walkabouts and the visits to local businesses that connect him directly with Canadians. I hope Trudeau can continue to prove them wrong.