Saturday, December 02, 2023

Time to put up the tree!

First, Advent Calendars! To celebrate the season I created a new List of many of the people posting daily Advent Calendars posts on Twitter - click here to find it. It ranges from art to opera to fashion to the Walking Dead. 

Next, this is sweet: And now on to the funny stuff:
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Absent-Letter-writer said...

Beautiful , love this time of the year may god give happiness yo everyone

Google My Business said...

Gather 'round, it's tree time! Deck the halls, string the lights, and let the holiday magic begin—here's to the joy of trimming the tree!

e.a.f. said...

I'm sure when the Christmas tree was brought into the house our one dog, must have thought, "finally indoor plumbping. When we discovered he would pee on it at night, we simply surrounded the tree with chairs.

With pets I've always used fish line to tie the tree to the wall. Worked well. Some decrations may be "injured" by the cat climbing, but it won't fall and break all of them.

hope everyone has a good time putting up their trees

Cathie from Canada said...

We never had a dog that would pee on the tree, thank goodness, but we always tied it to the wall just in case the cat wanted to leap on it - following an unfortunate incident when I was 6, when the tree fell over on me because of our cat.
And thanks for your comments, e.a.f - always interesting to read them!