Friday, December 15, 2023

Today's News: "being down 10 is a victory these days for the Liberals"

I got a chuckle out of Evan Scrimshaw's lead in his Substack yesterday: Abacus' Conservative Curveball Is There Life In The Liberals?:
It is a notable statement that being down 10 is a victory these days for the Liberals, but Abacus has the Tory lead down 9 poll to poll, so it is actually good news for a government that’s needed it for a while. It’s of course not the same thing as saying that the government is in good shape – a government that’s happy to be at 26% in Nanos and 27% in Abacus because the trendlines are good is not a government that is in a good spot in an absolute sense. Nor does any of this mean that Poilievre giving up more and more of his lead is an evitability.
But it is a decent endorsement of the idea that Poilievre will not be able to be a dogshit political leader and still win easily. Yes, the Liberals are troubled, yes the economy is bad, and yes the Liberals need a rate cut or 5 before the election. But there’s been an air of inevitability about the Tories imminent victory that hasn’t sat right, as if the election had already been won and lost, and all that needed to happen was the results to be relayed to the masses.
What he is talking about is the recent Abacus poll: And today this was happening: Scorch! Pow! Poilievre thought his polls were so good he could get away with anything he wanted. Like dissing Ukraine and calling it a "far-away foreign land".
Think again, PP:
And finally, this:
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e.a.f. said...

The last message "from Ontario", is spot on. If you didn't like the Liberals you're going to hate the Conservatives. PP will want to balance the budget, What happens? Cuts to social programs and growing deficets. There hasn't been a Conservative gov't which has not left Canada in worse financial shape. certainly not Mulroney and Harper.

Lets remember PP was part of government when Harper was P.M. Harper and co. passed 9 pieces of legislation they were told violated the Constituion. Harper had a majority and passed all 9 pieces of legislation> All 9 pieces of Leg. were challenged in the courts and the Supreme Court of Canada over turned the leg. Now how would you like more of that. Who knows what PP and his gang want to do when it comes to our rights and freedoms. Americans never thought some of the leg. which has been passed would ever happen in their country. Look where its left them.