Thursday, May 23, 2024

Great threads: from sculptures to libraries, from Curb Your Enthusiasm to Cow 88, from TikTok to Kermit (NEW: update on Cow 88)

Here are some fascinating threads I have seen recently on Twitter - click to see all of the posts: 

Amazing sculptures:
And amazing sculpture details: I just finished Susan Orlean's The Library Book - what a great book! - so here is a thread of the world's most magnificent libraries: Beautiful bus stops: Spring around the world: Bizarre TikTok screenshots thread: I missed posting Craig Baird's "provincial animals" thread on the long weekend, so here it is: A thread within a thread - for Curb Your Enthusiasm fans: I added a post to this thread about "the coolest thing I have ever seen" Along with thousands around the world, I am also now following the saga of #88, an extremely pregnant cow in Kansas who will be giving birth any day now: I can't find the rest of this thread, but this excerpt is priceless: A thread about great movie scenes: Finally, here are two threads are about....threads! UPDATE May 24: Some news about Cow 88'

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