Monday, May 06, 2024

Today's news: the stupid, it burns!

What a crazy week it has been -- we've all been sick with what I am calling the Black Death Cold, plus a family member fell and now has a broken pelvis. I'm afraid to leave the house. It's been a crazy week politically too -- just when everyone was starting to pile on Pierre Poilievre for that meandering babbling stop at a Freedumb Convoy camp, he started to talk about how "his laws" were going to be passed with the Notwithstanding clause -- which means that he plans to chop our Supreme Court off at the knees before they find all "his laws" unconstitutional. 
So what horrors is he planning to inflict on Canada anyway?
People are paying attention: This crossed the country like wildfire: Trudeau has class; the CPC doesn't: Want another example? 
Yesterday, I suspect to distract the media from PP's Notwithstanding debacle, Ana Poilievre tried to start another Trudeau is Rich!!! smear with this ignorant and petty post: Here's the real story: The original article is here 

Looking south now, the crazy times are happening there, too.
The most hilarious this week was the revelation by Trump's own lawyer of a new name for Trump: 

Jeff Teidrich's This Week In Stupid column publishes several photos of MAGA rallies where the MAGA fans are wearing diapers to support Trump -- Tiedrich says:
MAGA, can we talk?
if your slavish devotion to an 88-count felony factory who shits his own pants has reached the level where you’re wearing adult diapers outside of your clothes, in public, guess what: you’re in a fucking cult.
get help.
This sums it up, really:
Finally, I just have to share this:


Lorne said...

Great start to my Monday! Thanks, Cathie.

Cap said...

No federal government has ever invoked the notwithstanding clause, so what pissed off PP enough to threaten to use it? The media assumes it's the striking down of disproportionate mandatory minimum sentences, and they may be right. But since 1988, PP's base has been pissed off about another law that was struck down - the abortion law.

If they had any sense, Liberals would be crowing about how PP plans to use the notwithstanding clause to force women to give birth. Make PP deny it. Have the Libs thrown in the towel on the next election already?

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks, Lorne
And yes, Cap - the purpose of the NWS clause is to kneecap the Supreme Court, which the Cons all hate because Canadian reality has a Liberal bias.
The very first bill that Prime Minister Poilievre's government will approve will be a bill to re-criminalize abortion. Harper fended off the pro-lifers but Poilievre doesn't have that leadership ability.

e.a.f. said...

and here I thought I was over reacting when I thought PP will ban abortions or severely curtail them. Always thought that if Harper had been re elected he would have done it and brought back the death penalty. PP is a nasty piece of business. People may not like Trudeau, but they're going to wish he was in office, once PP takes over. We may also see the role back of union rights and other labour legislation and change the Human Rights Act. Think it can't happen, just look south of the border and some other countries.
PP "doesn't have that leadership ability". That is true. He isn't that atuned to the real world. He isn't that bright. His problem is he believes his own press. People like him have an animal cunning which enables them to get to what they want, but if things get really difficult, they can't sustain anything. Think of him as Trump light. Don't expect PP will care that much about our natio0nal health care either.

e.a.f. said...

As I scrolled through the news this a.m. CTV had this little head line up, "Debate on abortion rights erupts on Parliament Hill, Poilievre vows he won't legislate."

Do I trust him to keep his word? NO.

He doesn't need to do it himself. One of the Con. M.P.s can introduce a private member's bill and it just goes from there.