Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The more we know, the worse it gets 

Senate Debates Gonzales's Role in Prisoner Policy
What? Only "25 to 30" democratic senators will vote against Gonzales? It should be all 44.
The more that comes out about the torture at Guantanamo, the more disgusting it gets. Now MSNBE has a news story - Tapes show Guantanamo squads’ tactics - describing "guards punching some detainees, tying one to a gurney for questioning and forcing a dozen to strip from the waist down . . . One squad was all-female, traumatizing some Muslim prisoners." Later the article also notes previous descriptions of Guantanamo interrogations where "female interrogators tried to break Muslim detainees by sexual touching, wearing a miniskirt and thong underwear and in one case smearing a Saudi man’s face with fake menstrual blood."
Who are these people, and particularly, who are these "Rosa Klebb" women? This makes me ashamed to be female.
And in the media coverage of all this, perhaps reflecting the Pentagon attitude that gave the nod-nod-wink-wink to these tactics in the first place, I also pick up a subtextual hint of male Bondage and Discipline fantasies -- if you checked this link, you may have them too!

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