Saturday, February 26, 2005

"Oxyconned, Foxcized, Freeped-out Fanatics" 

Orcinus provides a critique of several recent essays on fascism in the US, about which I have blogged too. I was particularly impressed by his conclusion: "What's important to understand is the real dynamic: A growing populist 'movement' is being encouraged increasingly to adopt attitudes that, taken together, become increasingly fascist. Greater numbers of individuals are being conditioned to think alike, and more importantly, to accept an increasingly vicious response to dissent. This does not mean that genuine fascism has arrived as a real political force in America; but it does mean the groundwork is being created for just such a nightmare, by irresponsible politicians tapping into terrible forces beyond their ability to control. If even 'paleo-conservatives' can see this, there's hope of stopping it. But I think we need to begin with a clear understanding of who, what, and why the fascists are. The latent fascists who are the biggest problem right now are not Republican leaders. It is their oxyconned, Foxcized, Freeped-out, fanatic army of followers, comprising ordinary people, who pose the long-term problem. Drawing them back from the abyss is the real challenge that confronts us. "

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