Friday, June 17, 2005


Same-sex bill will be put off until the fall, PM indicates
So it looks like we will all have the pleasure of listening to Harper crow all summer about how he "stopped" the gay marriage bill. Wanker.
And it's Paul Martin's fault. There is absolutely no excuse for this, Paul.
You had the votes. "Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe and NDP Leader Jack Layton both said Mr. Martin is to blame for the continuing delay over C-38 and both said they would agree to sit until the legislation is approved. 'That Mr. Martin would say it's up to Stephen Harper whether or not human rights are finally, after so many years, extended to lesbians and gays . . . talk about an abdication of leadership,' Mr. Layton said. 'That means that all of his song and dance and expensive advertisements that he ran in the election meant nothing.'"
You had support for this across the country. Your civil rights argument had convinced hundreds of thousands of people, who believed that Liberals would stand up for everyone's civil rights. More fools we, I guess.
What you didn't have, Paul, are the guts to stare down those turncoats in your own party. You cannot strike a bargain with these people -- they will NEVER be satisfied with the bill no matter how many ammendments are made. Here's Tom Wappell today - "the battle is beginning to be joined and the other side will do everything it can to ensure that an opinion that views homosexuality as anything but normal is bigotry." Well, Tom, homosexuality IS NORMAL. Anyone who thinks homsexuality is not normal is ipso facto A BIGOT.
And this is the kind of person that our Prime Minister thinks he must listen to now. Wanker.

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