Monday, February 19, 2007

Compare and contrast 

Compare and contrast: here's the old Liberal government taxes and tarrifs page, and the "new" Conservative government taxes and tarrifs page.
Which one actually attempts to inform us about taxes and tarrifs?
Fairness compells me to report that I trolled through a number of other past and present Government of Canada websites, and other than a lamentable tendency to continue to call the Harper government "Canada's new government" in every press release, and a greater propensity for the minister's photo at the top of the page, the other government pages aren't nearly so totally partisan and promotional as this Finance page.
But here's the page that started me off on this search: its the one on the Agriculture site that's about the barley marketing plebicite now going on. The page is titled The Path Toward Marketing Choice for Western Wheat and Barley. Gee, I wonder what point of view they're trying to promote?

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