Thursday, February 22, 2007

Great line of the day 

At The Galloping Beaver, Dave summarizes the sad and sorry Bush administration incompetence in dealing with Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda survives because Bush let it survive. It grew stronger because his rubber-stamp congress endorsed every thoughless move Bush made. It may well be within reach of formulating another devastating attack because Bush and his cargo culture found al Qaeda an inconvenient barrier to an agenda from which they would not vary. They wanted to go into Iraq, they were going to go into Iraq and Iraq is where they ended up. The Republicans are not the capable military crew they purport to be. They talk a good story but when the truth of their accomplishments are analyzed they emerge as completely incompetent. In terms of foreign policy and global strategy, nobody has produced worse results than Bush and flock of war-bangers who supported him. They're good at beating people up, but they don't have the smarts to actually win a fight.
Emphasis mine. And not only are they incapable of developing a winning strategy, they have the attention span of a dung beetle.

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