Friday, February 16, 2007

I read the news today, oh boy 

Good -- Hardaway dumped from NBA events for anti-gay tirade. The NBA did the right thing and did it fast.

Here's good news for Ralph and the Liberals -- and it's about time.

Sometimes its just more fun being in the Opposition -- it means you can say things like “With friends like that, you don't need enemies” when the 800-lb. gorilla insults us.

Tbogg points out:
... it looks like Al Franken is in to run against a very vulnerable Norm Coleman in Minnesota (they even elect Mooslims! there). We will now await the inevitable comments about a know-nothing Hollyweirdo running for the Senate from the same people who think that Curt Schilling should run against John Kerry.

And lots of other people have pointed out that the Bush deal with North Korea is the same as the Clinton deal with North Korea, but the Poorman sums it up best:
John “The Walrus” Bolton [says] "This is the same thing that the State Department was prepared to do six years ago. If we going to cut this deal now, it’s amazing we didn’t cut it back then." Except back then they wouldn’t have had so many warheads, or be so confident in their ability to put them together, or to defy the US without consequence, or just generally tell us to go fuck ourselves. This is, sadly, the best that could be hoped for. I get few enough chances to say “I told you so”, but, you know, I told you so.

Over at Firedoglake, Scarecrow writes an excellent summary of the week's events with the Bush administration and Iran:
Suppose you've elected an administration that is so completely incompetent that it has bungled almost everything it has done, so belligerant that it has squandered the almost universal international support it enjoyed in the weeks after 9/11 while alienating most of its historic friends and allies, and so dishonest that no one can trust what it says, making it impossible to discern whether any threat the Administration claims to see in Iran (or anywhere else) is real, exaggerated or "hyped" . . . That is the unstated dilemma that floated just below the surface all week long, as the Bush Adminstration blundered its way towards a war it claims it is not planning against Iran.
In my opinion, the whole "blame the Quds" story is being ginned up so that Bush would be able to attack Iran without congressional authorization, by claiming he was just protecting the US troops in Iraq.
Hmm, so young to be so cynical...

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