Saturday, February 24, 2007

Punny -- very punny! 

Found on a comment thread at Firedoglake
Logician: Here is an example of a syllogism. The cat has four paws. Isidore and Fricot both have four paws. Therefore Isidore and Fricot are cats.
Old Gentleman: My dog has got four paws.
Logician: Then it’s a cat.
Old Gentleman: So then logically speaking, my dog must be a cat?
Logician: Logically, yes. But the contrary is also true. . . Another syllogism. All cats die. Socrates is dead. Therefore Socrates is a cat.
Old Gentleman: And he’s got four paws. That’s true. I’ve got a cat named Socrates.
Logician: There you are, you see . . .

This logic gives me pause.
I just don’t know if it gives me four of them.

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