Saturday, March 24, 2007

Watch out 

First they came for our cigarettes, and you didn't smoke so you said nothing.
Then they came for our trans-fats, but you didn't like potato chips anyway so you said nothing.
Now they are coming for our booze . . .
Health Canada is set to unveil a proposed National Strategy on Alcohol that will include 41 recommendations drafted by experts in alcohol treatment, addiction research, provincial liquor monopolies -- even distillers and breweries -- to shift alcohol's innocent image as a benign indulgence and curb dangerous drinking.
Actually, I agree with this article's contention that alchohol is a greater blight on society than marijuana -- nobody ever got toked and then went home to beat on their wife and kids.
But I always thought this was an argument to legalize drugs, not to "illegalize" alcohol -- families and society in general would be much better off if the people now addicted to alcohol could escape reality with dope instead.

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