Sunday, July 15, 2007

CNN is sicko

CNN just can't stand it.
Michael Moore is right and CNN is wrong.
CNN, through their medical reporter Sanjay Gupta, tried their very best to do a big hit-piece on Moore by "fact-checking" his movie Sicko. But instead they made two gigantic clangers themselves -- first Gupta hammered Moore for a supposed error on Cuban health costs when it was actually Gupta which made the error, and then when Gupta interviewed a critic about Moore's film he didn't mention the man's employment in the American health care industry. Even most of the people commenting on Dr. Gupta's own blog about the Moore piece accuse Gupta of nitpicking.
So now CNN thinks it has had the last word -- an unnamed "spokesperson" from CNN has released a whiney "response" which purports to reply to Moore's reply by accusing him of creating controversy.
Well, it was the tone and language of Gupta's original report which created the controversy -- Gupta said that Moore had "fudged" his facts on the US health care system, but he didn't. It is CNN which is now fudging the fact that the US health care system is failing the American people.

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