Monday, July 16, 2007

They're not "Al Qaeda" anymore, Toto

This Air Force press release about a plane crash in Iraq uses a terminology I don't think I have heard before.
Lately, the preferred US military term for the people they are fighting in Iraq has been to call them all "Al Qaeda", a profoundly misleading term designed to make Americans think that the war is being fought against the 911 hijackers. And media criticism of this transparent tactic has been rachetting upward.
But in this press release, the US air force is now using the term "anti-Iraq forces".
Well, this may be even more inaccurate really, considering that these people are the actual Iraqis while it is the US military itself which could more accurately be described as an "anti-Iraq force".
Be that as it may, however, is "anti-Iraq forces" just another way of trying to switch the focus to Iran? Or does the US Air Force really believe that they are destroying Iraq to save it?

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