Friday, July 20, 2007

Do Ya Think She's Sexy?

A number of bloggers are annoyed and upset about this trivial, stupid article talking about how sexy Hilary Clinton was in a V-neck shirt. And rightfully so -- as MissLaura at Daily Kos points out:
This story is so inappropriate on so many levels my mind can't stretch to encompass them all. The notion that the outfit the Post pictures Clinton wearing was worthy of a single sentence is a sign of the idiocy of the traditional media. The story that resulted from that notion is unconscionable and appalling, piling paragraph after paragraph onto the added burden women in the public eye already face.
Still, though, I think this article represents a sea change for Hilary.
Hollywood is high school for rich people, and Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. As far as the Washington media is concerned, sexiness is a virtue -- the Washington media regards all of the "serious" presidential candidates (like Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson and Barak Obama) are "sexy".
For years and years, it was the Clenis who was the Big Dog. Finally, its Hilary's turn now!

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