Monday, April 07, 2008

Great post of the day, from DBK 

DBK says that Hillary coulda been a contendah!:
If I were Senator Clinton's strategist . . . I'd have had her get on the universal single payer health care hobbyhorse and she would have ridden that to victory . . . We need a leader who is prepared to take drastic measures to get the economy on the right track and solve some of the most pressing economic worries of the middle class. That takes vision and courage, because there are entrenched interests that hate the whole idea of an economy that is successful for any but a few. Had Senator Clinton been that person, she would have trounced Senator Obama and been a shoo-in.
Yes, I think he is absolutely right about that. And he continues
Senator Obama has not shown that vision or courage at all, either, and I am left hoping it is there, but keeping silent for the duration of the primary. I think I'll be disappointed, but a slim hope is all I have left.
Yes, he is right about that, too.
The thing I hope for is this -- if Obama can work out a deal with the Clintons, to involve Hillary in his campaign in some meaningful way like a Vice-Presidency, then the full weight of the Clinton juggernaught comes on side with the Obama campaign. Love her or hate her, she has survived 30 years of the most vicious political games ever played and she knows how to fight back.
Obama does not. He still thinks that the Republican leadership can be reasoned with. He thinks he can "explain". He thinks a great speech is all it will take. He is wrong, and Hillary Clinton knows it.
The Clintons understand the enemy. They can teach Obama a lot, if he is prepared to listen to them and to harness their considerable energy, charisma, fundraising, and framing prowess. It will take every bit of both Obama and Hillary to defeat the Mugabe Republicans now entrenched in the US government.

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