Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great post of the day 

Lance Mannion hits the nail right on the head -- first, about why Hillary inspires such diffidence:
The Insiders think that McCain and Clinton and Obama are running for the job of National Best Drinking Buddy and they've already decided McCain's the right man for that job, emphasis on man because who wants to drink with a woman you can't go to bed with or tell your troubles to? Oh sure, Hillary will listen to you tell her your troubles, but then she'll have suggestions about what to do about those troubles. When the Insiders complain that Hillary reminds them of their first wives or of a schoolteacher or of whatever other gynophobic stereotype bubbles up out of the parts of their distressed psyches where their castration complexes lurk, they are putting their finger right on her problem as they see it. She doesn't want to hear how misunderstood you think you are, she wants you to take out the trash right now, thanks, she wants you to buckle down and do your homework.
Then about why Democrats can't get fair and balanced treatment from the so-called Librull press:
Obama is furious that it took Gibson and Stephanopoulos forty-five minutes to get around to asking their first substantive question about policy, about what Clinton and Obama would actually do if they get to the White House. But Gibson and Stephanopoulos probably resent the fact that they had to bring up policy at all.
The Insiders hate the Democrats because the Democrats actually plan to do things. And they want to talk about the things they want to do and how they plan to do them. So in order to cover a Democrat, journalists have to be able to keep up with discussions of policy and the intricacies of government, and most of our Journalistic Elite can't do this.
They are too lazy or too dumb or too drunk or too full of themselves to enjoy paying someone else the respect of listening to their ideas and taking them seriously.
And this is where Democrats keep making their bloomer.
They keep expecting the likes of Gibson and Stephanopoulos to take things like the future of the country seriously. They keep expecting them to pay attention. They keep expecting them to have done their homework. And when it turns out that the Insiders are content to be lazy and dumb and vain and foolish, they can't hide their disgust and their disdain.
The Insiders know that Al Gore and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama know they are clowns. It is very difficult to suffer fools gladly. Gore and Obama aren't good at that all. Kerry and Clinton are only marginally better.

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