Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Major leagues 

So the threats didn't work and lawsuits didn't work and spinning didn't work and now the Conservatives think whining for sympathy will get Elections Canada off their backs.
...flak-jacket-clad RCMP officers storming in and copying everything . . . most of his staff is very young, the majority under 30. The official said staffers were petrified . . . RCMP at first knocked on the door and then “pushed their way in.”
Oh, cry me a river. If you don't like politics, go work for a florist.
What the Conservatives don't seem to grasp is that they're no longer playing in the bush leagues. Elections Canada is immune to bullying because they have spent the last 20 years duking it out with the federal Liberal Party.
Both sides in that battle knew that concocting and ferreting out schemes to subvert election rules is the way the game is played. I would imagine that Elections Canada is somewhat amazed that the Conservatives continue to fight a losing battle instead of quietly 'fessing up and moving on'

UPDATE: Dave says its as though they never expanded their view beyond grade four.

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