Friday, April 04, 2008

Thoughts on a scandal 

They're trying really hard, but it's getting increasingly difficult for conservative commentators in Saskatchewan to avoid blasting the stupidities of the provincial Sask Party and the federal Conservative Party -- how much kinder gentler thousand points of light spin can they construct?
In today's Star Phoenix column, John Gormley did manage to insert a gratuitous swipe against the NDP for "allegedly" finding the tape and while he ended with a Limbaugh-esk flourish against Pat Atkinson's so-called "drive-by smear" of Brad Wall aka Chester -- as though the scandal was the fault of the people who revealed the tape rather than the people who made it -- really, I didn't think his heart was in it.
Someday soon, he's just not going to be able to stand it anymore -- someday soon, I'm going to tune into his radio show and hear him thundering "What were they thinking? How dare they? Are they ignorant or arrogant or both?" and he's going to be talking about the federal Conservatives or the provincial Sask Party, and I will just have to pull over and call.
When it comes to Tom Lukiwski's homophobic slur, I agree with Michelle Hugli's commentary. To imply it was all just youthful immaturity doesn't cut it, considering he was 41 years old at the time:
Lukiwski has a lot more to do to get beyond this. Like answer the question: WHY do these comments not reflect who you are today? What's changed? And if he can't answer those questions, then that's an answer in itself.
And while Brad Wall's Ukrainian farmer bit will tarnish his image, and deservedly so, I thought the more revealing and meaningful part of the tape was its anti-union attitude, for which no elected person has apologized. Says Larry Hubich:
"Clearly this government's labour relations strategy is based in a deeply held, irrational dislike of unions and their leadership."
Yeah, that about sums it up, I think.

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