Saturday, February 28, 2009

Canadians talk sense 

In spite of a belligerent, derisive, even hostile tone which many journalists are bringing to the Plans of Abraham reenactment story -- witness Macleans and Rex Murphy -- the so-called ordinary Canadians commenting on these stories are displaying much greater sense. Here are some of the comments from Macleans and the Globe to these columns:
Personally, I think it was a good move to cancel the re-enactment of the Battle on the Plains of Abraham. Ever since 1759 this little battle has been a sore point with every generation of French Canadians. Why would the rest of Canada want to flaunt “our” win in glowing colours and graphic productions?

It’s time to move on, to stop dressing up, brandishing muskets, pikes and tomahawks. There is much more to write about in our nation than the nostalgic foolishness to which you devote a page.

Were we to focus more energy on making more perfect the union of anglophone and francophone cultures that make, in large part, our wonderful nation, we might one day get over the silly desire to reenact, and learn to appreciate the good that came of the unfortunate need for a "contest" of this nature in the first place.

No doubt Mr. Murphy also sees nothing wrong with the Orange Order marching through Catholic neighbourhoods in Ulster each year, to taunt residents with the defeat of their forefathers at the Battle of the Boyne. As significant as the battle on the Plains of Abraham is, it was a defeat for the French and is regarded with personal ignominy by many Quebec residents.
Perhaps, Rex, we could persuade Stephen Harper to perform an annual re-enactment of the tearing up of the Atlantic Accords .....on Signal Hill, of course. I'm sure Danny's boys would welcome him with open arms.
Exactly! Canceling this reenactment was a positive step for today's Canada. And now McGinty won't allow it in Ontario, either -- good for him.
The organizers are apparently talking about moving the event to upstate New York, why I don't know. It makes even more questionable whether the goal of this whole exercise was ever to simply reenact history or to actually rub Quebec's nose in it.

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