Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sweet Jasmine 

This is an amazing story: What happened to Michael Vick's dogs... . Beautifully written and dealing honestly with the tragedies of these poor animals, and the debate that rages still about whether it was worthwhile to put the effort into saving them. Yet it also shows the amazing grace of these animals, how much they have enriched the lives of the people who now love them.
And you'll never forget Sweet Jasmine:
"Vick showed the worst of us, our bloodlust, but this rescue showed the best," Reynolds says. "I don't think any of us thought it was possible to save these dogs -- the government, the rescuers, the regular people -- but we surprised ourselves."
Jasmine doesn't know about any of that as she sits on the back deck of Stirling's house. Stirling kneels next to her, gently stroking the dog's back. "I used to think any dog could be rehabbed if you gave it food, exercise and love," she says, "but I know now it's not totally true. Jasmine's happy, but she'll never be like other dogs."
It's quiet for a moment, and the breeze blows a shower of brown and red leaves off the trees. Then Jasmine turns, looks up, and licks Catalina's face. It is the sweetest of kisses.

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