Monday, February 09, 2009

Uh, Mike . . . 

PSA has a message for Senator Duffy:
. . . a senator in our parliamentary system has a duty to country, queen and constitution first and party affiliation second. We'll likely be stuck with Senator Duffy long after Steve Harper's political ship has run aground. It would be very nice if he figured out that he doesn't work for Harper, he works for us. The job of that house is to keep the short sighted, partisan twits from the commons from setting the whole damn place to ruin.
And Dave chimes in:
What Duffy demonstrated is what we could expect from elected senators: An endless stream of partisan diarrhea acting as the mouthpiece for their party leader because the only way they would get there is by being an active supporter of a particular party.
What Duffy hasn't gathered in is that the substantial shield he enjoys from his Senate seat protects him from the likes of Harper - not the Canadian public. The whole idea is that a senator rises above the partisan fray - not joins it.
. . . Duffy is no more qualified to engage in sober second judgment than he was to critically question the powerful as an advocate of the fourth estate.
Mike Duffy, proving the case against Senate reform since 2009!

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