Monday, February 09, 2009

Great comment of the day 

Scott Lemieux asks the world to Make It Stop about the total awfulness of A-Rod the Steroid Boy Wonder, and commenter McKingford makes this good point:
I always feel like I'm living in some Bizarro-alternate world reality when people get all faux-hysterical about steroids in baseball.
The NFL plays its Pro Bowl today. The NFL now routinely employs men who tip the scales at 350+. 20 years ago virtually nobody did. Yet we dreamily pretend that this phenomenon is entirely a product of grain feeding...
And just to be sure I'm not exaggerating the double standard, lets step back two years. The then-reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Shawn Merriman tested positive for steroids. He quietly served a four game suspension and resumed play, and was *again* a leading candidate (despite missing 1/4 of the season) for DPY. And nary a "tsk" was heard.
Like I said, I feel like the last sane man alive, as the world overturns every stone in an effort to root out steroids in baseball while the NFL drones away, and we all quietly pretend that it doesn't consume enough steroids to double the US annual beef production.

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