Friday, January 29, 2010

Give it back to Steve Fonyo 

Rev. Paperboy calls bullshit to the decision to take away Steve Fonyo's Order of Canada and so do I:
I still think this is unfair, hypocritical and just plain mean-spirited. . . .Admittedly Fonyo has not led an exemplary life since he was awarded the Order at age 18, but he was not given the award for the life he was going to lead or for his ongoing contributions to Canada - he was given the award for finishing what Terry Fox started, running across the country on an artificial leg to raise awareness of and money for cancer research.
And if getting into legal trouble or behaving disreputably is grounds for rescinding this award, the Rev. asks, what about Conrad Black and Garth Drabinsky, not to mention the former Prime Minister who accepted envelopes of cash in hotel rooms?

UPDATE: And Guy Lafleur was convicted of perjury last year.

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