Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smokin' makes you feel good 

My response to the story about how smoking helps people feel better is "D'uh!"
Of course it does. Why else would people smoke?
My sister, who never smoked, asked me once why I did, and she was surprised when I told her, because I like it. Theoretically, of course, she knew that nicotine is a drug, she had just never quite realized that the reason smoking is addictive is that it makes you feel good to smoke.
I finally quit four years ago, with help from Zyban -- I would never have made it without this drug. I know, I know, it was just substituting one drug for another, but I had quit before, for three months or six months, and always started again. In some weird way, I think, I needed to re-boot my brain so that I didn't need that smoking boost anymore to feel "normal". And I've been smoke-free ever since, even when I'm around smokers.
Knock on wood -- I make sure I always remember that I could get hooked again in a new york minute if I ever have another cigarette.

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