Friday, July 23, 2010

Arrogant twit

"I think people are just, you know, wishful thinking. There is an absolutely really good reason why we have to be firm about the March deadline because as soon as the deadlines start to drag on, people begin to substitute other things and there begins to be other excuses. If we allow for one, believe me, every municipality from one end to the other will have a reason why their deadline should be extended," [Con MP Brad Trost] said in an interview.
"I understand where they're coming from, but the moment we extend the deadline they're going to be like kids with homework, all of a sudden they're out playing in the park rather than getting the homework done"
Emphasis mine.
This is 36-year-old Saskatoon Humboldt Con MP Brad Trost's insulting, dismissive response to requests from Saskatchewan municipalities that the federal government extend the deadline for infrastructure projects --without an extension, the municipalities will be on the hook for millions if the projects cannot be finished during the wettest summer we've ever had.
Being younger than just about every other politician in Saskatchewan, I guess Trost figures he should be able to lecture everyone else about kids and playgrounds!
Trost's condescending remarks are being condemned across the province -- even John Gormley is pissed, and if the Cons have lost Gormley on an issue, you know its bad.
But our lone Liberal MP Ralph Goodale says it best:
"What an insulting, condescending little twit. I mean, that is outrageous for a person of his position to lay that kind of abuse . . . on the cities and towns and villages and rural municipalities of Saskatchewan. That is just appalling," said Goodale.
Trost is making some kind of announcement in Humboldt later this morning, and I expect we'll be hearing later today about how he was "mis-quoted" and "taken out of context" -- stay tuned.
(And if the name Brad Trost seems eeriely familiar to non-Sask readers, this is the same guy who shot off his mouth last year about the Toronto Pride Parade funding.)
NOTE: I updated and sourced the original quote.

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