Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great line of the day

So they're having this debate in the States about whether some Bush-era "temporary" tax cuts for wealthy people should be allowed to expire and the so-called "fiscal conservatives" are all "we need to keep the cuts for job creation" in spite of the fact that undertaking the cuts in the first place didn't create any jobs -- when, oh lord, will Reagan's inane "trickle-down economics" theory finally be laughed out of court? -- and in spite of the fact that letting the cuts expire will increase government revenue and reduce the US deficit that all the fiscal conservatives claim to be so concerned about.
Anyhoo, John Cole points out the stupidity of all this and concludes:
. . . the best way to get our finances back in order is to systematically ignore anyone who calls himself a fiscal conservative. If I could find a bank run by dirty hippies I would put my money there, because I just don’t trust these people in pinstripes anymore.

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