Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get back on the horse

It's stupid for Liberals to talk about delaying a leadership vote. The party is acting like a bunch of drama queens -- as though the recent election defeat was such a cataclysm, such a total and ultimate disaster, that no leader could possibly get his act together for years and years.
Do they think maybe somewhere there's a magical pony coming to save the party if they just wait long enough? If they wait too long, Canadians may discover they don't miss hearing what the Liberals have to say.
So, folks, the choice is clear: Bob Rae, Dominic LeBlanc, or Justin Trudeau. None are without flaws, but any one could do the job.
So pick one and get on with the real work of rebuilding this party before the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who did not vote Liberal can't remember why they ever did.

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